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Title: Selection of materials by multi-criteria methods applied to the side of a self-supporting structure for light vehicles
Authors: Martínez-Gómez, Javier
Salazar Loor, Rodger Benjamín
Rocha-Hoyos, Juan Carlos
LLanes Cedeño, Edilberto Antonio
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Mathematics on Operational Research
Citation: PUB M386s/2020
Abstract: The selection of materials is an important stage in the design and development of products, but considering the enormous amount of materials available on the market that have different properties and characteristics, defining suitable and ideal alternatives is a difficult task. Within the automotive area there is a tendency to develop vehicles with greater efficiency and capacity, keeping aside the economic implications without underestimating the functionality of the materials. The use of multi-criteria methods (MCDM) allows the establishment of a reliable selection methodology, due to the interaction between each of the criteria with statistical methods that converge in a single solution. The methodology used in this study was based on the application of MCDM methods, and the comparison between them to determine a convergence in the alternatives of greater potential for the structural section of vehicles. Four methods were evaluated: TOPSIS, COPRAS, VIKOR, PROMETHEE II, obtaining that for all the methods the best material corresponds to the Martensitic Steel YS1200, being this the most appropriate one when fulfilling structural requirements, as well as providing a reduction of weight and price.
ISSN: 1757-5850
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