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Title: COVID-19 and dengue, co-epidemics in Ecuador and other countries in Latin America: Pushing strained health care systems over the edge
Authors: Navarro Castro, Juan Carlos
Arrivillaga-Henríquez, Jazzmin
Salazar-Loor, José
Rodríguez-Morales∗, Alfonso J.
Keywords: PANDEMIC
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: PUB N322c/2020
Abstract: Currently, the spread of Coronavirus-19 disease (COVID-19) from the emerging SARS-CoV-2 virus in Wuhan, China, has reached other Asian countries, Europe, North America as a pandemic situation, and has already entered Latin America with multiple implications [1]. One of these is the continuous dengue epidemic in Ecuador and other countries in 2019–2020. This period comprises a further increase in cases and one of the largest dengue outbreaks in the region with nearly 3 million cases, 8416 of them in Ecuador [2,3]. COVID-19 cases in Ecuador reached 1595 confirmed cases with 36 deaths nationwide (March 27, 2020) [4], while dengue, reached 3549 cases.
ISSN: 1477-8939
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