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Title: Analysis and study of energy efficiency in the electric system of the millennium education schools “SUMAK YACHANA WASI of Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Authors: Llanes-Cedeño, Edilberto Antonio
Meza-Cartagena, Jhonatan F.
Gallegos Eras, Walberto
Rubio Aguiar, Rodolfo Jefferson
Arciniega-Rocha, Ricardo P.
Erazo- Chamorro, Vanessa C.
Pinzón-Barriga, Luis E.
Arciniega-Rocha, Vanesa M.
Toapanta- Lema, Alejandro
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: International Journal of Advanced Science andTechnology
Citation: PUB L791an/2020
Abstract: This work was based on the energy consumption of the Millennium Education School SUMAK YACHANA WASI belonging to the province of Imbabura-Ecuador (UEM), the period 2017-2018 was taken into account like a reference, the data of electrical system was used to determine its demand, where it was evidenced that the highest energy consumption is the Lighting system. To obtain an improvement in the Electric system efficiency and specifically in the Lighting system, the replacement of fluorescent luminaires with LED technology luminaires is the best option. A financial analysis of the implementation was carried out, and the investment is recoverable, therefore, it is determined that the project is viable.
ISSN: 2005-4238
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