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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Actuation confirmation and negation via facial- identity and -expression recognitionLiu Cheng, Alexander; Bier, Henriette; Latorre, Galoget
Dec-2018Design and development of a novel robotic gripper for automated scaffolding assemblyFollini, Camila; Liu Cheng, Alexander; Latorre, Galoget; Freire Amores, Luis
18-Apr-2019Development of a light-tracking and -redirecting system actuated by hand-gesture recognitionLiu Cheng, Alexander; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés; Latorre, Galoget; Coba, Daniel
18-Apr-2019Development of a smart sleeve control mechanism for active assisted livingLiu Cheng, Alexander; Santos, Caio; Santos, Pedro; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés
15-Nov-2019Development of an acoustically adaptive modular system for near real-time clarity-enhancementLiu Cheng, Alexander; Cruz, Patricio; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés; Mena, Andrés
2019Development of an adaptive rainwater-harvesting system for intelligent selective redistributionLiu Cheng, Alexander; Morán Silva, Luis; Real Buenaño, Martín; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés
2019Development of an adaptive staircase system actuated by facial-, object-, and voice-recognitionLiu Cheng, Alexander; Cruz, Patricio; Cevallos, Carlos; Ribadeneira, Benito; Ortiz, Estebán; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés; Guachamín, Wilsón
24-May-2019Development of an eye- and gaze-tracking mechanism in an active and assisted living ecosystemLiu Cheng, Alexander; Llorca Vega, Néstor Andrés; La Torre, Galoget